The Paxahau project was inspired from being a part of the underground electronic music scene of Detroit in the early 1990’s. This experience ultimately generated the concept of promoting a constant curiosity into heightened levels of consciousness triggered through sound and led to the launch of the first version of the website in 1998. Whether through headphones, home speakers or at an event, specialized music has been the highest priority of the project ever since. Our dedicated team understands this mission and is committed year-round to the ultimate responsibility of putting music first above all else.

Paxahau has grown into producing globally recognized events, including the annual Movement Electronic Music Festival in Detroit. Paxahau maintains Movement’s independently owned festival status and is recognized across the world by artists and industry executives as a premier production and promotions organization rooted firmly in the birthplace of Techno. This adventure has been fueled by you, the audience, the global electronic network. We will continue to work diligently to share the soundtrack of this adventure with events, archives and broadcast programming. Thank you for helping the Paxahau project come this far, and we look forward to a long future together.

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