New & Improved Movement Festival iPhone App Now Available Monday, May 16th, 2011

The Movement Electronic Music Festival iPhone application is now available on iTunes. The official electronic guide to Movement 2011, held May 28-30 in Detroit’s Hart Plaza, has new and improved features for this year’s edition.

Feedback from those who purchased the easy-to-use app is extremely positive. One person said,

“Love the app, even better than last years!..” another said, “Nice, partying made easy! Thanks!”

The cost for the official Movement 2011 app is just 99 cents and it can be purchased at iTunes

Some of the new features for this year’s app include:

1. A “Now Playing” feature that allows people to see a list of which artists are currently playing and also which artists will start in the next 20 minutes.

2. A “My Schedule” feature that allows you to keep track of your customized schedule that can be sorted by days and you can also remove artists after you have seen their show with one touch.

3. An “Alarm” feature that can be set for 5, 10, or 15 minutes on your personal festival schedule before your selected artist starts performing.

4. Websites and videos will play inside of the app instead of jumping out to Safari or the YouTube app.

5. Icons for Facebook, Twitter, Myspace on the right-side of artist photo.

Returning app features from last year’s edition include:

1. Lineup: See every artist at the festival and sort them by alphabetical order, by set time, and also by day and stages.

2. Artist Bio: Tap on any artist in any list and be taken to their bio page. You can see the day that they are playing, at what time, and on what stage. Artist bio pages also have social media links, a music link, a video of them, and a link to their website.

3. Friend Finder: Show your friends where you are in the crowd by placing an “I am here” arrow on a picture of last year’s crowd. Choose from pictures of the entire festival grounds or the individual stages. Your friends don’t need the app to receive the pictures.

4. Map: See a zoom-able/scrollable map of the entire festival grounds that opens to full-screen size.

5. After Party: See the official after parties and sort them by day. You can see the flyer for the party along with other information. Tap map to get instant directions to the after party.

6. Flashlight: Bright white screen to help you find something on the ground or look through your purse at night.

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